Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to cross paths WITH dozens of like-minded artists who inspire me both creatively and personally.

Collaborating WITH each of them feels like a must, but there are only so many hours before the coffin closes or the ashes are scattered.

One such artist is producer and engineer Scott Kuzner. I have worked WITH Scott on several projects since we first met in the late 90’s. Most recently, he mixed and mastered my 2014 Crushkill Recordings release “Cruel Fuel” and then sent me a stockpile of beats to continue the creative momentum from that album.

Once I began writing to these beats, I noticed a pattern: I would develop a hook and one verse that meshed perfectly WITH the beat’s vibe and cadence, but I’d also want to hear how another MC’s voice and perspective would flesh out the concept I’d created.

Around the same time, I was building WITH Adeem about doing a song together. I sent him a demo of what eventually became “Float Away” and I was floored by what he did WITH both the hook and the concept. I started thinking… if one MC was able to add a such a unique dynamic to the song… and I have a wishlist of collaborators… and the traditional rap song has three 16 bar verses… why not make an entire album of myself WITH two other MCs on each song?

Several hundred emails, texts, and phone calls later, I present the first of what I hope will be many installments in the WITH serial. Peace to Crushkill Recordings for the label support, Lauren Yates for the artwork, and all of the artists who lent their time and talent to this project.

Also, I’ll have lunch WITH anyone who notices the one rhyme scheme I use for all of my verses. You’re paying, though.

All lyrics by Seez Mics (Fuwwy Music, ASCAP) and the two MCs on each song.
All beats by Scott Kuzner.
Scratches on “Torch” by DJ Addikt.
Artwork by Lauren Gere.
Label support by Crushkill Recordings.