My Kickstarter to raise funds for music videos off the upcoming Broken Clock album “Cruel Fuel” has far exceeded the original goal of $2,000 thanks to the support of fam, fans, and friends.

As a result, I’ve gone from digital rags to physical riches and can afford two of the best videographers this burning planet has ever known.

Adam J. Dunn,¬†one of the most respected and prolific videographers of our generation, has signed on to do the video for “Post Pathic Profiteers” featuring DJ Abilities. Atmosphere fans know Adam from his work on the videos for “Say Shh” and “Always Coming Back Home To You.” Adam has also done videos for Dessa, ECID, Culture Cry Wolf, B. Dolan, POS, and many others. You can see Adam’s entire portfolio on his website here or by clicking his logo below.


The video for B. Dolan’s song “Kitchen Sink” has always stood out to me as the perfect blend of visual elements and auditory vibe for a music video. I contacted the video’s creator The Documentarians and they have agreed to do a puppet video for “Human Farm.” The Documentarians have also done videos for Sole & The Skyrider Band. You can see The Documentarian’s entire portfolio on their website here or by clicking their logo below.